Delicious Coffee in San Francisco

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Delicious Coffee in San Francisco

I spent this past weekend in San Francisco.

While I was there, I discovered a way of making coffee that I had never seen before.

The process of making coffee went as follows:

The water was heated by a burner. Then the siphon pushed the water up through a pipe into the coffee grounds. The coffee brewed. After it was done, the coffee was sucked back into the first canister, where the process began.

The whole process of making coffee took about ten minutes.

The bright oranges and reds of the flame from the burner and the design of the apparatus, circular globes, were intriguing. They kept me engaged during the entire brewing process. The taste of the coffee was rich and unlike any coffee I had ever tasted before.

If you are ever in San Francisco, I highly recommend you check out Blue Bottle Cafe (www).