Day 3 of Touring Adelaide – Cricket Fans and O-Week Madness

How Did I Come about Blogging about Adelaide, South Australia?:

Day 3 of Touring Adelaide – Cricket Fans and O-Week Madness

Day three of our Adelaide adventure and, you’ve guessed it, Adelaide is still beautiful.

We started our day with a homely breakfast (nothing like coco-pops to remind you of the UK), and headed out for a tour of the cricket stadium, the Adelaide Oval.

The Adelaide Oval is widely regarded as the most picturesque Test cricket ground in the world. Our guide was a true Aussie cricket fan, almost a grandfatherly figure who, it transpired, kindly gave tours as a volunteer.

We learnt that decades ago the cricket association had grown trees around the grounds to stop people in the surrounding houses being able to watch the games for free – something which evidently had tickled our guide.

The highlight of the tour was being shown inside the Adelaide Oval scoreboard, which is over 100 years old. The scores are still manually hung on the board, and the staff working inside use cogs and pulleys and all sorts of old fashioned methods to change the display. It was fantastic to see such an amazing feat of engineering still fully functional a whole century later, and it really added an authentic feel to the whole place.

Despite us having differing interests in cricket (Ottilie none at all, and Owen being quite a fan), we both left the tour feeling we had learnt something and enjoyed ourselves very much.


It was time to get down to business and pay the second university on our list a visit. We hopped into a taxi and had a short, 20 minute journey up to Flinders University.

We were greeted by a fantastic lunch and a whole bunch of UK students to dine with. Most of the students were in Adelaide as part of an exchange, and we chatted to them about how they were enjoying their time so far. The whole thing will be on YouTube shortly so make sure you check it out!


After our chat we headed down to the orientation week (O-Week) welcome fair, which was impressive to say the least! Not only did we get FREE ice cream and candy floss, but we also had our photo taken with a giant subway and got to watch students explode water bombs over each other. The place was absolutely bustling with fun and activities for new students to get involved with, and we found ourselves being quite jealous we weren’t starting at Flinders ourselves!


The campus is set up in the hills, so although walking around was slightly exhausting, it was worth it for the spectacular views.

We were able to look at some student accommodation which was either the typical halls experience we’re familiar with in the UK, or a student village made up of smaller houses with five rooms in each unit. They each had a huge balcony and a communal BBQ area, we could hardly believe this was student accommodation!