Day 1 - 3: Goodwood, England to Germany

Return of the Yak - Mongol Rally 2011:

Day 1 - 3: Goodwood, England to Germany

The Mongol Rally sets off from Goodwood racetrack in an event known as the festival of slow (as opposed to the festival of speed).

This is a chance to check out some of the wacky designs other teams have made to their cars and parade the pimped up vehicles around the famous racetrack.

The rules of the rally stipulates that cars must have sub-1.2 litre engines to add to the already formidible challence the rally poses. The only exceptions to this rule are emergency service vehicles (such as the numerous ambulences and fire engines) and any vehicles with novelty appeal.


The first stage of the rally takes us to Dover, normally a mundane drive but made far more exciting with the attention our yak was getting on the motorway. We only got as far as a Belgian service station the first night, but as this is a charity event, and due to the strength in numbers that 400 rally teams gives you, there are very few problems we've faced with setting up camp in lay-bys of our choosing

The next morning we headed into Bruges for coffee and tasty Belgian pastries. All any of us really knew about the city was what we learnt from the film In Bruges, but while it was certainly a very quaint town with some nice spires, we were disappointed not to find a midget off his head of ketamine trying to speak to the horses. We did get a small glance of Bruges’ seedy underbelly when I went into what seemed from the ground floor to be yet another quaint coffee house but turned out to have a makeshift strip club on the first floor.

From Bruges onwards, the next two days were spent almost entirely cruising down the motorway across the whole of Germany and the only cultural highlights we had time to sample were currywurst and Lidl.

Also, since we were lumbering a gigantic yak across the country, the autobahn’s unlimited speed restrictions were completely lost on us.


Written and contributed by Jack R