Captivating Cambodia

Captivating Cambodia

My first independent trip I had taken was back in January. It was a first for both my friend and I who had been anticipating this moment and had never set off independently before, just the two of us.


Cambodia seemed like the perfect destination, known for its rich culture, friendly locals and majestic sights. It is the perfect destination for first time travellers who are embarking on their first independent trip. 

I have relatives who live in both the main cities and rural villages so it was much more of an intimate experience where we got to visit the less than well known areas. These actually turned out to be the greatest part of my stay in Cambodia where I was able to truly immerse myself in the culture, meet the locals, participate in the Khmer daily life and still be able to do all the "tourist" things. 

Siem Reap is an absolute must, it will take the breath away from even the least adventurous person. The beauty and history behind Angkor Wat and the many other temples and sights in its vicinity left me speechless and in absolute awe.

Out of all the incredible temples we visited, the Bayon Temple has to be my favorite. It was also the place where my friend and I lost each other (as so we did lose ourselves being in such a captivating surrounding). The many alluring faces carved throughout the site, the labrynth-like interior, I felt like a kid at a playground, being so amazed by every little thing and wanting to explore every inch of the complex. 


You will fall in love with the culture, the people, the country!

You can pick up a guide book and follow the recommendations, or you can find your own path. Either way, Cambodia will captivate you, and once you have left, leave you with the desire to return.