Capestang Wine Tours in France - Two Ideal Locations

Capestang Wine Tours in France - Two Ideal Locations

Alfonz scouted the area looking for wineries for our Capestang wine tour.

Daily, he jumped on his BMW motorbike, now a well known fixture throughout our village and searched for the ideal places to show tourists.

Criteria was being close to the Canal du Midi offering Capestang’s visitors an option to visit Chateaus during their over-night stays. Whether in canal boats or gite rentals, people without vehicle access can sample a variety of well tasting wines giving them a good cross section of the Languedoc flavours.

He wanted to find the ideal locations, maybe with some history and of course good wine.

Many places he visited had fabulous wines, made from microbreweries in the back of a house. Others had charming hosts and great atmosphere, but only produced one or two varieties to sample.

To find the full experience for guests, Alfonz searched for a range of what the Languedoc grape produces. Alfonz wanted tourists to understand why we moved to this beautiful region in South France, and show off her charm.

After a few weeks of hunting, Alfonz has narrowed down the best in the region for South Westy Wine Tours.


Here are his top two picks for our all-day tour:

Domaine de la Provenquiere:

Located moments outside of Capestang, has a rich story behind the wine. Where Napoleon the third’s Counselor, Paul Teissonniere, bought the estate in 1860 and built the Chateau along with the outbuildings.

Surrounded by miles of wines, in the picturesque open countryside, there are many photo opportunities, as well as a large variety of wines to try and to buy. The brother and sister team run the estate. Claude Robert known for his knowledge in the industry and Brigitte Robert known for her lovely charming personality. They run a well-known business, with a good reputation, making them a great stop on our tour.



Located in Capestang in the Languedoc wine region, among the most densely populated wine country in the world, is a true find. Guy and Patricia moved to the Languedoc in 1996 from Belgium and bought the Domaine in 2000 to fulfill their dream to make good wine and living in France. Rigorous selection in the vineyards, low yields, respect of the environment, together with hand picking and sorting, allow the wines of Vanho to express their own individual flavours.

Using the best traditional methods, aged in oak barrels and bottles at the property, the wines of both Provenquiere and Vanho will give you a pleasurable tasting experience.