Cape Town - Blown Away and Fallen in Love

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Cape Town - Blown Away and Fallen in Love

Hello from Cape Town!

This is week one and so far it’s been amazing.

Amazingly different, completely unique and not at all what I expected. I came to South Africa with few pre-conceived perceptions, but an idea on what I thought Cape Town might be like, but so far it’s beaten every thought or idea I had.

It’s absolutely blown me away and I have fallen in love.

It’s so multi cultural and yet so westernised at the same time and I think it’s this diversity that I love so much. It’s a City of a thousand different climates mind you and within a week we’ve had freezing cold temperatures, boiling hot sun, rain and the strongest winds I’ve ever experienced.

On our first proper day we visited the Biscuit Mill; an indoor and outdoor market hive of food producers, farmers, arts and crafts makers and it reminded me a lot of Australia – very outdoorsy, with people chilling out, drinking fine wine and beers, eating nibbles and sitting on bales of hay, big lounge cushions – anything so long as they’re outdoors and having fun.

From here we drove two hours to stay at the five star luxury nature reserve called Grootbos, which is about fifteen minutes from famous Hermanus. We were put up in the most incredible Forest Lodge, which had about five rooms, including a huge four poster bedroom, a bathroom about as big as my whole downstairs at home and not one, not two, but four bathrooms!

Was truly spectacular.

During our stay, we took advantage of some of the tours and excursions you could do and in the space of three days, we went on a whale watching expedition (saw four whales and two great white sharks – eeek!) but as always, motion sickness got the better of me and I threw up four times – not good considering the whole boat knew I was the producer and presenter of a new TV show!

I honestly didn’t look the part!
During our stay at Grootbos, we embarked on a great white shark cage diving tour, that I swore when I was in the UK I wouldn’t do, but it’s been a dream of Matts for such a long time that I agreed to go on the boat with him – despite having thrown up on the boat four times the day before…now that’s love!

The area we were in, has the largest population of great white sharks in the world and having my mother perched on my shoulder (not literally you’ll understand) telling me that “you only live once” I decided to be a team player and go with him on the tour.

My one and only fear (other than belly buttons which I literally can't talk about) is great white sharks so I hope you’ll be very proud of me when I tell you that I actually did the cage dive too! Not once, but twice – how good am I?

It was amazing and not at all scary!

We saw around 15 sharks that day and about three even jumped out of the water, so we got a good look at their jaws – literally! Amazing.
It’s been one week, but I’ve crammed a whole load of life into seven days – very excited about what the rest of the trip will bring!

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