Californication - Travel, Love and Technology

Californication - Travel, Love and Technology


Gonna start writing an essay without any plans, intention. Impromptu from heart.

Wanted to do technology + travel article.  Questions and answers Format. Article, Bloggin flow of writin is fun too.

I'm not a professional writer, so trying my hands. Sorry Hank Moody. I'm not impersonating TV character. I'm gonna be me. Start writing short essays. I do write, blog on Instagram, Twitter. 

California. Such a heavenly place. So many fond memories. before I set my foot on the beautiful land,  had loads of dreams. Have heard a lot about California, mostly from Internet, word of mouth, famous entreprenuers, technology, TV Shows and obviously counter culture, the land of summer of love. Once I was done with studying in Missouri, Start company, the best days of my life (Probably different essay altogether) had the chance to board American Airlines flight, move to California. Place for technology. My friends had interviews and everyone started livin the good life. I was just trying to make my mark. Did an awesome first product out of love. So, not much about startup, we'll just dive into experiences and how it shaped my life in California. 

Called up my friend, rented an apartment.


San Francisco Bay

Started gyming. Never had to do it my life except for some sessions with one of my ex-gfs. Was so into sports, didn't feel the need. Started doing it more. I feel rigourous workouts are totally unnecessary now but made loads of friends at the Gym. Fun times. Each Evening/Night. Now, I just use travel dumbbells. I now feel exercises twice a week is enough. Body pains when you workout all nights. Bulking up body too much isn't needed or healthy. It can get ugly. Some exercises is enough. Made lots of gym friends. Someone became my trainer. Gave me tips. We used to have lots of fun at the pool. Jacuzzi. Nightly jacuzzi conferences. Everyone gathered around. Playin music, sippin on fruit punch, some smokin, stonned. I was just into fitness, didn't feel the need. Time moved really slow. I was just enjoying Simple Middle Class California life. Nice people around. Started goin out a lot. I don't remember every night. It was fun. Had theatres, bars, nightclubs,  lots of places to hangout. Lots. There was this steady girl who I was attracted to. It was fun, anways, Let's get into technology + travel. I think those life experiences will shape technology that's gonna emerge from Canvas Electronic. 

I got to meet lots of cool folks, several countries. Bay area is so friggin awesome. tech, california sex appeal, love, zen, iPods, whiff of hippie counter culture, Such nice people. Fun to hang out with. Man, had the most fun days ever in California. Those night drives, road trips, music and peooplee. Love California. Miss California. So many places to hang out. I was so focussed on my startup, I had to miss out travel a lot. Who am I kidding, I love to travel, hangout, So I did that too but was at the same time focussed on entreprenuership. I was making something for just indoors. First series of product. Our second products is designed more for backpacking, outdoors, indoors and all places. Doesn't matter if you have roof or not. 

I used to read Zen & Art of Motorcycle Maintanence when I was enrolled in University. Started practicing it in California. Was helpful for startup. Would love to motorcyle California roads, Slow and Zen way. 

So many awe inspiring mountains and the beautiful beaches. Man! California has the most lovely beaches in the world and lovely people. Hot girls. I love solo travel and travels with Girlfriend. I used to travel solo on Bay area rapid transport and busses. Had lots of time to think. I did stay in hostel towards the end. Met travelers. Had to hug some, etc., Was fun. If you are traveler, you'll love San Francisco. Apart from travel you'll love Zen Gardens, Zen Centers, Church, Hare Krishna Temples, Marin County, etc., So much more. An Essay, photo or video won't fit the awesome california life I had. I'll write short essays. Life has good and bad. Forget the bad. You'll love landscapes and food. Someone from nearby University offered me couch. Gladly accepted it. Loved the nightouts. Thanks. 

Miss California. Love the place. Miss the beaches. Lots of friends from all countries. Sorry if I offended you.


But let's jump to topic

The busy streets of SF, Mountain climbing Yosemite needs iPhone, iPods for sure. Hard to survive without Smart Phones. You can but life becomes easier when you have an iPhone. Maybe iPads too. iPad is more of Couch Device, travel companion. There needs to be another category of device, something that does some functions of iPad + Mac but not replace them. Mac isn't best for travel. I'm sure of it.  Mac is Desk, Laptop, Maybe for couch, offices, dorm rooms etc.,  Something that's different than these devices but can do some specific functions of the two devices. Entirely new. Also, fits travel needs, lightweight and sits inside backpack neat. iPad has limitations and apps to do certain tasks, good travel companion but doesn't necessarily satisfy everything or replace Mac when you travel. 

Canvas 2 | 2U Touch does it. 

Designed to be easier to use, fits inside backpack, carryon and does the required functionality. Not replace or imitate functions of iPad or Mac but does different things, stuff that's better on Canvas 2 | 2U than iPad or Mac. 

We are not competing with Mac or iPad or infact television generation. We are inventing a new category because of the need and availablity of technology. Exact place and time. 

Canvas 2 | 2U is for backpacks, travel and offices. You can use it anywhere you love. It's gonna help travelers on short or constant vacation, office goers, field trips, in Universities, Homes, for various fields etc., 

People will do wonderful things once you give it to them than what you dream of. We make something we ourselves wanna use. 

Canvas 2 | 2U -

backpackers tool,  desinged for carryon, to be uptodate,  flash packers gadget, Field trips, Camping, Upto what people do with it.   

Essay isn't enough. California Love. Dressed in Blue. 

and Good Night


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