Bye, Bye Rome! Hello Florence - Studying in Italy Part V

Studying Abroad in Italy Part I - Fun Things You Should Do Before Leaving:

Bye, Bye Rome! Hello Florence - Studying in Italy Part V

On day five we left Rome. It was a little sad, but more exciting.

I loved Rome so much but we squeezed all of our activities into five short days and I was exhausted.

I knew once we got to Florence we’d have more free time to travel around ourselves.

We left Rome around 9 am. I made the horrible mistake of falling asleep for most of the bus ride to Florence. I woke up a couple times to take in the landscape surrounding me, but would almost immediately fall asleep. We spent our last night in Rome drinking in a Canadian bar. To say I had a headache was an overstatement.


A few hours later I learned that Florence is apparently the best cure for hangovers. The second we got to the city all my aches and pains went away. I forgot about Rome. I was standing in the most beautiful city ever.

We ran (yes…I mean ran) to our apartments carrying our luggage behind us. We arrived late and had a meeting with our new landlord. The girl’s apartment was huge. We had four bedrooms, a decent size living room, a too small kitchen, a “regular” bathroom and a bathroom where you were essentially showering with the toilet.

After I picked out my room, I opened the living room window, looked to the right and standing in my perfect line of sight was the Statue of David. I about lost myself right there. Even if it was just a replica – I couldn’t believe I was living in such a magical place.

We met up with the boys who lived a couple blocks down from us and walked around in search of pizza.

We found a cozy little place and ate for just € 5 each. Later we would find out this same pizza restaurant is where MTV’s Jersey Shore cast would be working – the next day. It’s safe to say we were honestly glad to miss the fiasco and never went back to see it.


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