Best Travel Guide For Wellington

Best Travel Guide For Wellington

Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand, is popular for its nature, culture, art, and for being the political, financial center of the nation. The city continues to develop its area and it helps to improve the Wellington Tourism of the city. Most of the tourists enjoy the area around the harbor and the waterfront area. The historic places and an amazing view of the city is another reason behind such popularity of the city.

There are lots of things to be offered to the tourists of the city. Most of the attractions are free to be explored. This is another reason for which people love to go for a tour of the city and have memorable moments within their budget.

It is a great place for adventure lovers. The mountain driving and cable car are the most attractions in the city. Well, the main fact is, there is something for every kind of people. Wellington Zoo is another reason for bringing the Wellington Tourism. It is completely different from any other types of zoos. If you are visiting the city, must visit the zoo. Coming to Wellington Cable Car, which is one of the most exciting things to do in Wellington. 

Moreover, it is an affordable and unique way to have the sound and view of the city. The view from the cable car is just breathtaking and you can see most of the attractions of the city from the car.

The Botanical Garden is another attraction for Wellington Tourism. Most of the part can be seen from the cable car and you would also love to walk around the garden. Embassy theatre is another attraction which plays a great role for the Wellington Tourism. The sophisticated technology and old-fashioned charm of the theatre is the beauty of the theatre. To watch the unrivaled style of a movie, it is the perfect place for you. 

The food of Wellington is another attraction. If you can choose a right restaurant and the right dish, you are going to have delicious food. Moreover, there is an opportunity to see the seals from a very close distance, if you go just 20 km away from the city.

The first thing, most of the tourists want to explore is the history of Wellington and this can be done by visiting the waterfront. This was a working place of Maori life. You can explore many places there for getting the sign of Maori explorer Kupe. For this, the harbor has become one of the most exciting an attractive places for the tourists if Wellington. You would surely love to explore the Queens Wharf where you can see the ironwork of the gate, created in1899. There are lots of places that you can find where the Boer War was fought. 

There is another place recommended for the Wellington Tourism is the right of the Te Papa museum. You can call it one of the most attractions of Wellington. You would enjoy exploring the walls of the museum. You would enjoy discovering the geography and geology of New Zealand. To explore the unique culture, unique art and about the people of the country, the Nation Museum is the best place for Wellington Tourism. The great point about the place is most of the part is free for visiting.

The rich wildlife of the Wellington city is one of the greatest things to be explored for the Wellington Tourism. Nature of Kapiti Island and the trip to the city is going to introduce you to the birds and animals which are rare on the earth. To have more fun, don’t miss Seal Coast safari which is 20 km away from the city and the beauty of the place is just breathtaking because of the seals.

People need refreshment for getting mental energy and to get power for working in professional life with full energy. Then, if you are getting a vacation, you should utilize it. You should go for a tour and to make the tour more beautiful, you have to select the right place for the trip. Wellington is the perfect place for having great times because there is a lot of Wellington tourist Attractions for the tourists in the city. Here is this article you get some information about the 8 most attractive places or things that tourists love to see and do in Wellington.

First of all, the most exciting place for Wellington tourists is the Te Papa National Museum of Wellington. Tourists come to know about the geography, geology, and culture of the nation. Moreover, the walls of the Museum are attractive.

  • Most of the tourists like to spend times in Mount Victoria which is one of the most wellington tourist Attractions. The view from the top is just stunning. People love to see the hills and the planes which can be seen from the place.
  • Another part of the Wellington tourist Attractions is the Wellington Cable Car. Tourists enjoy riding the cable car to the Botanical garden. The cable car is located on 1 Upland Rd, Kelburn.​
  • Another amazing place in the city is the Wellington Zoo where you can see more than 100 varieties of species of animals.
  • For fishing lover tourists, the harbor is one of the Wellington tourist Attractions for them.
  • Most of the tourists go for Seal Coast Safari which is situated 20km away from the city. There you can enjoy watching the seals playing from a very close distance.
  • Have you ever seen wildlife in their natural environment? Then, Staglands Wildlife Reserve would be very exciting for you.
  • One of the major attractions for the Wellington tourists is the mountain biking. It is a famous activity in New Zealand. To explore the beauty of the city, mountain biking is a great way.​

Now, since there are lots of places and things for doing, there is every reason for attracting tourists there. If you are getting an opportunity to have a vacation, don’t miss it. Have a great time with your friends and family with the help of Wellington Tourism.


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