Best 5 Must Visit Places In Melbourne

Best 5 Must Visit Places In Melbourne

The cities of Australia are vibrant, modern and elegant. Melbourne is one of them and is the second largest city of Australia after Sydney. Melbourne is also considered as one of the best livable cities in the world.

The city is a mix of different cultures and gives a distinct European feel. A person traveling to Australia can have wonderful experience of live cricket game in Melbourne Cricket Ground, the amazing galleries, cafes, shops and gardens.

Though Melbourne is an expensive city in Australia, it does not affect the numbers of travelers coming to this city.  

Here are some of the best places in Melbourne which you should indeed visit to make your Melbourne Trip amazing.

Federation Square

Federation Square is an attractive place in Melbourne and large number of visitors gathers together for experiencing arts, culture, public events.

The place is located in Central Business District Of Melbourne. It is an integral part of Melbourne and was inaugurated in 2002. If you are planning a trip to Melbourne soon, make sure you visit this place without fail.

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Royal Botanic Gardens Of Melbourne

Royal Botanic Gardens is iconic parkland in Melbourne, it was founded in 1846. It is located on South side of the Yarra River and is approximately two kilometers from the Central Business District of Melbourne.

It is an amalgamation of river, trees, garden beds and more than 8,500 species of plants. Further, the tour of Botanic Gardens in Melbourne is a popular place for weekend family picnics. It will give you immense joy and closeness to the nature throughout the tour.

Flinders Street Station

The Flinders Street Station is an iconic building in the heart of Melbourne City. Visiting to this place is a must as this iconic railway station holds several amazing facts about itself. Here are some of the amazing facts of Flinders Street Station –

  • First Railway Station In Australia

The railway station was opened on September 12th 1854 and is recorded to be the first railway station opened in any Australian City. The first journey drove between Flinders Street Station to Sandridge.

  • Busiest Station In The World –

At some point in history, by 1926, the Flinders Street Station became the busiest station surpassing the popular stations of New York and London.

  • Longest Platform –

The platform 1 of this station is the largest railway platform in Australia.  It also holds record for being the fourth largest in the world.

  • Melbourne Cricket Ground and the National Sports Museum

Australia is indeed a place of healthy people, there is immense interest for outdoor sports such as Cricket, Swimming, surfing etc.

Melbourne is home to one of the well established Melbourne Cricket Ground and the National Sports Museum.

The museum is built within the cricket stadium and is visiting by lots of sports enthusiasts. The MCG is considered to be among the world’s greatest stadiums and can host up to 1, 00,000 visitors.

Victorian Arts Centre

The Victorian Arts Center is known by several names such as Arts Center Melbourne, Victorian Arts Center and The Arts Center. The place is a theatre complex exhibiting several exhibitions throughout the year. Being an audience in the concert hall will make you experience the vibrant culture of Australians. In case you are on a family travel, there are lots of outdoor cafes, restraints and live shows for entertainment.


A trip to Melbourne will fill you with some of the most amazing experiences of your life. Since Melbourne remained as capital city of Australia for 26 years, it has an amazing history with lots of places and