Bequia, Canouan and Tobago Cays

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Bequia, Canouan and Tobago Cays

After 3 nights we left Saint Vincent and Young Island, following our itinerary that included 1 night in Bequia and the last 2 nights in Canouan.



Bequia is the largest island in the Grenadines, and it's located at about 1 hour by ferry from St Vincent. There are also fast ferries that take only around 15 minutes.

Among all the islands we visited in the archipelago, this is the wildest one. The atmosphere on the island is very relaxed, laid back and authentic.

Our hotel, Bequia Beach Hotel, is located in Friendship Bay. We checked in quite early in the morning and had a lovely breakfast with a big variety of fresh local fruits, croissants, homemade marmalade, and a beautiful view on the sea! We were assigned Ocean View Suites with an authentic and stylish Caribbean decor.

After breakfast we had a tour of the island. Even in Bequia the roads are narrow and sitting on our pick-up taxi we enjoyed the ride up and down the hills. One thing I noticed is the nice names of the landmarks on the island: Friendship Bay, Mount Pleasant... don't they just make you smile?

The island tour included a visit to Mount Pleasant to enjoy the views over the island, the Sargeant Brothers Model Boat Shop where they build model boats of any kind, and the Bequia Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary, where Mr King breeds sea turtles and saves them from being hunted, releasing them into the ocean once they're big enough to be self sufficient and escape dangers.

It was a pity to leave Bequia after only 1 night. This is definitely a place where I'd love to spend more time.



Another hour away from Bequia is the small island of Canouan. 

The hotel where we stayed , Tamarind Beach Hotel and Yacht Club, is just at a few minutes walking from the harbor and offers beautiful rooms with a direct access to the beach.

The food at this hotel is great - the owners are Italian and the influence of the Italian cuisine on the menu is obvious and blends very well with the local traditions: we had some very good meals including oven baked pizza, lobster filled ravioli and breadfruit gnocchi (I miss those!).

There's not much on the island to see and do, but I would recommend Canouan to beach lovers - the beaches are great, and the coral reef offers some great snorkeling within a few meters from the shore.

For the best views I suggest you to reach the terrace of the Casino, which is unfortunately closed at the moment but still offers a great view over the island.

We finally had some time to relax by the sea, and the first real swim and sunbath.


Tobago Cays

On our last day we joined a boat tour to Tobago Cays - Petit Rameau, Petit Bateau, Baradol, Petit Tobac and Jamesby, five tiny islands in the south of the Grenadines surrounded by a coral reef - and other small islands: Palm Island, Morpian and Petit Saint Vincent.

If you suffer from seasickness, don't go unless you're on a big boat - the sea can get very rough on the way to Tobago Cays.

Then, once you reach the area and you are protected by the coral reef, it's another story: you can get off the boat in shallow waters and swim to the beautiful sandy beaches of these beautiful uninhabited islands.

In the Tobago Cays Marine Park the main activities are diving, sailing, fishing and snorkeling with sea turtles.



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