Benidorm in Spain is the Miami of Europe

Experience the land of Valencia in Spain:

Benidorm in Spain is the Miami of Europe

I'm a backpacker and independent traveler!

Should I really write about a place like Benidorm?


Sure! Why not!


@adventuregirl & her husband Phil told me that it is very similar to Miami in Florida. I still can't imagine it myself, as I haven't been to Miami. But if someone knows it, then someone who has been to both places...

Benidorm is full of Skyscrapers and lies directly at a beautiful beach. It also looks a bit like Rio de Janeiro, without the mountains and the favelas. Ok, so it's perhaps really a bit more like Miami. But there are beautiful mountains just in the background of the city. Let's say it's just Benidorm in Spain and that it got a mix of Rio and Miami.

You are allowed to build the skyscrapers as high as you can afford them (more or less). The higher they are, the more open space you have to leave round the skyscraper. That way you can even have a glance of the sea in buildings, which stand in the 3rd or 4th row and there is enough space for pools or little green areas.

Most skyscrapers are 3 star hotels and attract mainly tourists from Madrid, England and the Netherlands. You'll find a lot of bars and restaurants which offer “local” British beer, but also real local paella.

It's definitely not a backpackers` or independent travellers` destination, but it's nevertheless worth while seeing! Or wouldn't you like to see a mix of Miami and Rio?

So why not stay overnight close by in Altea, which has got a very nice historic town centre, with beautiful small alleys and a nice church on top of the hill.

If you are on a road trip along the Spanish coast, it's ideally located between Alicante and Valencia.

Just get your own impression and feel free to leave a comment beneath.

I'm looking forward to read, how you feel about Benidorm... the Rio de Miami of Spain.