The Beauty of Southern France

The Beauty of Southern France

France is not always Paris, that s for sure. Paris has quite a haughty sense of self-importance, still you can't help but love it....

The best part of France is Southern France (based on me) , specifically the cities and villages that passed through the Mediteranian Sea ( no offense,eventhough the western part is also beautiful with its charm, let s say Normandië & Brittannië). 

All the way to Southern France , your eyes will be entertained with the sceneries of vine yard, apples field,and in the few minutes later, that Mediteranian sea awaits you with the parking of yacht. Not to mention the beauty of the house interior of local people and castles around are also the bonus.

No wonder the high top Hollywood's celebrities are investing their properties in there, let s say Jollie-Pitt who have a property in Aix-en-Provence, with at least 13 different kind of harvested plants,surrounding by 20 fountains and hidden tunnels and lake.


The transportation for visiting France from north to south and east to the west is not an issue, their national trains and low cost airlines shall accomodate the tourist . Or with rent a car services for International tourists could be an option too.