The Awesome Beach Escapades I Recently had in Philippines

The Awesome Beach Escapades I Recently had in Philippines

Finally, after several weekends away from home, I have the time to put in words the awesome beach escapades I recently had.

It started with an adventure to the northernmost province of the Philippines, Batanes.

Flights are not that often to Batanes, and planes that travel there were small. So, we were happy to be among the few ones who have made a trip to this typhoon-afflicted part of the country.


Despite strong waves, we took the opportunity to enjoy the seawater as we spent a few minutes in one of the beaches of Sabtang Island. We realized afterwards that Batanes does have its attractions but it wasn't the ideal place for a swim.

The week after that, my girlfriends and I drove three to four hours south of Manila to Laiya, Batangas, frequented by those living in the city to find respite from the burgeoning heat in the metropolis. The water were shallow and the waves not too strong, but there were plenty of swimmers in the stretch of Laiya. We had fun swimming, and even with the crowd, we still had so much space to swim around.

My last stop was the beach in Nasugbu, still in Batangas, which I visited with officemates and our volunteers, the weekend after my Laiya trip. The beach was not as crowded as Laiya, yet our boatman brought us to this wonderful cove, which I later found out I have already visited three years back. It was perfect, with less people, enough sunshine, and crystal clear waters. We also swam while the sun was rising.


This is the joy of living in the second largest archipelago in the world. With 7,107 islands, we have several coasts and beaches to head to whenever the sun is in its hottest.

And summer in the Philippines is not yet over, there is still plenty of time to head back to the beach.