Asturias Yummy Little Delicacies

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Asturias Yummy Little Delicacies

The Asturians love good food.

Who really likes to have a wonderfull food experience should go to a very special Sideria a little bit outside of Oviedo. We had a wonderfull lunch in the restaurant "Tierra Astur Siderríes" ( with the most typical food of Asturias. From the outside the restaurant looks pretty unspectacular, but in the inside it is a special place you would not expect with a warm welcome atmosphere.

It is a hugh restaurant where especially the locals like to go. One side is all over with bar and service space and on the other side there are placed big big old cider barrels, where you can sit inside and eat. It is great fun to sit with a group of friends in the barrel and watch the people around eating the massive portions of meat.


The most famous dish in Asturias is Fabada - a rich Spanish bean stew. Mostly it comes with a varity of sausages. Very popular with it is the spicy spanish chorizo, blood sausage and a peace of shoulder of the pork. After the Fabada as a starter you either have a giant portion of meat or some of the very delicious fish.


One of the fish specialities in Asturias you get in Cudillero ( Cudillero is a charming little fishing village in the cliff line of Asturias. A really beautifull little village with a lot of tradition.

There is a wonderful walk starting above the village down to the coast. You get some impressions how life in this village looks like and coming closer into the centre of the village you find some of the fishing traditions - especially of the older generation. Some of the fishers in the village have a special licence to catch the exclusiv Barnacels.

Barnacels is some kind of crustacean related to crabs and lobsters. For one kilo of Barnacels you pay about 90 €. That is why there are special licencing requirements to catch these little delicacies. Salvador Marques from the main fishery in Cudillero is a local fisherman who own one of the 50 licences in the region. It is a very hard job collecting these little creatures and after listening to the old strong fisherman Salvador, you see the passion you need for it.

The fishermen go by boat to the reef and as soon as the water is going back they jump into the water to collect the Barnacels. Once the next waves are coming, they have to be back in the boat. The old fisherman must have a lot of stories to tell and there are nice restaurants where you can eat the fresh fish. But don't think about just trying a little bit of the fish.

It is hard to order just a small portion in Asturias. Friends of mine just wanted to have a little snack and suddenly had a whole lunch on the table.


Most typical Asturian food - yummy!

Fabada - Chorizo - Cheese from the Picos de Europa called "Gamonedo Enrique Remis" - Barnacels...