Asturias, Natural Paradise - Traveldudes hitting the road again.

Asturias, Natural Paradise - Traveldudes hitting the road again.

Travel Dude Emlyn is reporting from the trip "Asturias, Natural Paradise" next week:

I am really looking foreward to join the trip and send some travel tips from Asturias.

I have been travelling  allong the coast of Asturias, hanging around at the beach and go surfing, several years ago. So it will be a good fun to see Asturias from the countyside this time and get to know some of the cultural highlights. I will arrive in Oviedo on wednesday and meet up with some other travel bloggers.

Follow the complete travel blogger trip via Twitter. All you have to do is to search for:


From Oviedo the trip goes on to Gijón, Avilés, Cudillero, Candás, Arriondas, Cangaas de Onís, Ribadesella, Llanes, Nava and back to Germany on monday the 18 th of April.

That is quite a big trip in just five days.

Some of the hightlight will be "Monte Naranco", "Laboral, City of Cultural", "Oscar Niemeyer International Cultural Centre", "Covadonga Lakes" and the "Transcantabrian railroad".

So catch up with me and my reports on Twitter and here on Travel Dudes next week.

Travel on Cheers