Another world tour at the World Expo in Shanghai

Another world tour at the World Expo in Shanghai

Two years after my first China trip, I'm back in this country. This time, it was in time for the World Expo.


Right at the opening time, we rushed to the expo site only to find the entrance swarming with people. Security was tight but we didn't mind.


The first structure that would welcome any expo visitor is the China Pavilion, the grandest and biggest among all countries, naturally. But with half a million people everyday, they give out reservation tickets to only 30,000 visitors in a day. It was unfortunate for us as we never got any.


Another major attraction was the Saudi Arabia Pavilion. The line was also long and the oasis at the top of the island-pavilion was all we could view. Nevertheless, we went around and tried to visit as many as we can in a day. We tried various continents so we get to have a variety in our visits. First, we went to Oman, Sri Lanka, Qatar, and Morocco. We also visited France, Greece, Turkey and Thailand. Of course, we wouldn't miss our own country, the Philippines.


Majority of the pavilions we visited displayed their products and main trade. There were certain activities inside each pavilion as well. Moreover, almost all of them used audio-visual presentations, making this expo technologically advanced. I may be biased but I liked the Philippines, with the theme of performing arts. It was like a concert or disco scene inside and people don't just get to see our products but they could also hear and experience first hand great Filipino bands.


A day wasn't enough to visit all countries. But I'm glad that I was able to experience the World Expo in my Shanghai visit.



Written and contributed by writeonthespot


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