And more…

Volunteering in New Zealand - Rebecca Shinners:

And more…

Yesterday after I got back from my walk, I was attacked with squirt guns and Raphael, Steve and I started a mini war in the backyard. Steve claims to have won. We’ll see what happens in the rematch.

We were the only three at the house all evening, so we decided to go all out and cook a fancy dinner. I spent 2 hours chopping onions, garlic, cheese, beef, and potatoes into a feast of delicious-ness. I was a sous-chef in training. Steve and I even took the table to the outside porch and set it nicely with place mats, even mixed drinks in wine glasses (we didn’t have any wine). I was so proud that I took a picture.

The sun doesn’t set here until 9:00 at night. We usually try to stay outside on the porch until then.

Today we drove to an organic farm about an hour away. I spent the morning “tree releasing” and talking to Joy, the owner, about everything. It pretty much made me want to move to New Zealand and spend all day every day in the sun pulling plants out the dirt. Then, after lunch, there was some pretty tedious grass weeding, and I abandoned my plan. THEN I spent the rest of the day walking around the farm watering, and I thought about how proud Dad would be of me feeding all the thirsty plants.

I think I’ll compromise and just re-start the vegetable garden in our side yard. Remind me of this when I get home.

After the day at the farm, we went to the beach! I even went in the water (be proud- it’s cold). Then to a fish and chips shop. Not bad.

Now I’m back home, happy to have showered, and about to make some tea.