All about Buenos Aires and activities to do in Buenos Aires

All about Buenos Aires and activities to do in Buenos Aires

If you are tour lover then you will always look for best city where you can have a lot of fun and can spend your holidays by performing number of activities. If you are planning about visiting any Argentine city then Buenos Aires will be the best option for you. This city is capital city of Argentine republic and officially named as Autonomous city. This city is one of the largest cities in South Africa.You can also explore online itinerary planner for better travel experience.

If you will visit this city I am sure you will be attracted by vibrant nature and its major attractions. I have visited this city one time in 2008, but want to visit this city again in my lifetime. I was amazed to see this beautiful place and also there are numbers of recreational activities in Buenos Aires. If you will ever get a chance to visit this city you should not miss, because visit to this city can be one of your best trips or holiday trips.   

Weather conditions: This beautiful city has coldest temperature during months June to July and hottest temperature is during months Jan to March. The peak season for tourists is considered in summer season from Oct to March also in the month of July in winters. In Jan & Feb climate conditions are muggy and humid. It will be best if you visit this city during Oct, Nov, Mar, April and May months.

How you can reach this city: You can easily reach this city by flight if you have to come from far cities. After reaching this city you can easily visit all the places and major attraction of this city by travelling by bus, train or hiring your own car or bike. As this city is well facilitated with transport service you will not have to face any problem in this city or around the city.

Major tourist attractions:

  • Plaza De Mayo

  • Recoleta Cemetery

  • Buenos Aires Tango

  • Caminito

  • Florida Street

  • Colon Theatre

Hotels, spas & restaurants in the city:

  • Alvear Palace Hotel

  • Home Hotel Buenos Aires

  • Faena Hotel

  • Algodon Mansion

  • Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires

Different type of activities to do in Buenos Aires

  • There are number of recreational activities in Buenos Aires. You can go for a long walk around the city and can see all the old monuments, museums and major attractions of this city.

  • Cycling

  • Night life

  • Libraries

  • football

Events and festivals:

  • World Tango festival

  • Events related to different type of dance Buenos Aires activities

  • National Tango day

You can get proper information all about city and different type of activities to do in Buenos Aires and you can also explore more tours to Buenos Aires for best tourist experience.


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