Afterthought, Kilimanjaro Fundraising Trek, Tanzania

Kil-a-man-jaro Fundraising Trek:

Afterthought, Kilimanjaro Fundraising Trek, Tanzania

Although I’m still a long way from making sense of this experience, I know there has been a change. I was touched by the landscape and the mountain, the hospitality and the humanness, my own abilities and the abilities of those around me, the gritty realness, the astounding history, and the overwhelming potential of the people I met along the way.

I’ve felt lucky to glimpse another piece of the puzzle, and as with all travel, there have been multiple lessons learned. But the more I travel, the more I realize that perhaps these lessons do not need to be readily summarized, analyzed and interpreted in order to be powerful.

East Africa is a land of extremes.

There is the beauty and the ugliness, the cultural richness and the material poverty, the complex history and the unknown path to the future.

The thing I struggle with now is the infuriating disregard by the world community for the very real human suffering still so readily apparent. These lessons of my place and my connection to others, my role in their survival and their reciprocal role in mine may lay dormant, undefined and unclassified for the time being- but I do know I am a much wiser person now then I was just 4 weeks ago.

Written and contributed by Libby Wann via Global Volunteer Network