7 days - My Ticket Says Denpasar, Indonesia

7 days - My Ticket Says Denpasar, Indonesia

My bags are packed.

My room looks desolate apart from two neatly stuffed suitcases and a drawer of temporary outfits for my next week of work at the fashion agency where I sell brands to stores in Western Canada.

My ticket says Denpasar, Indonesia, and that's where I plan to begin my adventure of self discovery.

My story starts when I was four and my parents moved the family to Sendai, Japan for three years. Afterward we shifted to an even warmer climate and lived on the pacific coast of mexico for six months.

Fast forward to today and my family (dad, mom and sister) is spread out all over the map. Here I am stuck in Vancouver, British Columbia, but not for long.

In December I visited Bali, Indonesia for the first time. There were ups and downs to the trip, one of the downs being breaking up with my seven year boyfriend.

We started in Denpasar and then headed up to Soka and then all over the Island. I will have the full detailed story soon, but I'm waiting to post it until I board the plane next Tuesday.

I have never wanted something so badly as to fly free with my bohemian heart into the unknown.

Join me?