5 Best Places To Visit In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

5 Best Places To Visit In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

A lot of people around the world have pretty wrong perception about the city of Riyadh, being in an Arab country; a lot of people think that Riyadh is all about strictness, and just a few things to do. Well, this is very far from the reality as there are numerous activities to do, awesome places to see and stunning views to experience.

These are some of the best places you must experience while you are in Riyadh

Al Masmak Fort

The Fort of Al Masmak Riyadh has a long history behind, the clay and mud brick fort with four watch towers was built in 1865 by the prince of Riyadh Abdulrahman ibn Sulaiman ibn Dabaan.

This is now one of the major tourist’s destinations in the Arab country and attracts a lot of travelers from inside and outside Saudi Arabia. Currently this place is turned into museums and while you visit this place, it will give chills and feels of the rich historic past it carries with itself.

Kingdom Centre

Kingdom Center is among the most modern piece of architectures in Saudi Arabia, it is the fifth tallest skyscraper in the country with 99 storey’s (992 ft.). This Kingdom Center is home to a lot of shopping centers, branded shops, designer brands and one floor is fully dedicated to the women’s with spas, salons and luxury cuisine restaurants. This place is mostly filled with a lot of foreign tourists.

If you are planning to visit Riyadh soon, do book your tickets early with prominent travel websites in Saudi such as Almosafer, Ejazah etc. 

Al Faisaliah Mall

Another ultimate destination to fulfill your shopping needs is the Al Faisaliah Mall; it is one of the finest malls in the country with 44 storey commercial building which resembles like a tip of a ball point pen. The top of the building is an elite restaurant to enjoy the moments with special ones.

King Abdullah Park

King Abdullah Park is one of the finest parks you would ever experience in your lifetime. This place is a perfect place to spend a quality family time. The park is massive in size and one can enjoy walking, jogging or cycling on the specified routes. It is also the most maintained and absolutely clean park of the city where a lot of people from the city comes to this place to spend their weekend evenings. If you are in Riyadh and looking to spend some good alone time, this is the place for you.

Red Sands Flower Fields

Seeing this is a matter of how lucky you are to see these flowers in the desert. Whenever there is a rain in the desert of Saudi (it is very seasonal to see rains in desert areas of Saudi Arabia) a magical phenomenon of flowers and grass sprouts out of the sand and the rocks. This happens over a large area of the desert which makes it look magnificent. You can experience its beautiful views while you are on the road heading to Mecca, this place in between is a massive red sand dunes which are covered with the grass and flowers all over. It indeed looks stunning to see the magical phenomenon of the nature. Visiting here is recommended during the spring time to gain the maximum beautiful views.