4xFour - Four Continents in Four Months!

4xFour - Four Continents in Four Months!

One heck of a journey!

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Our intrepid presenter Cheryl Gibbs will go beyond the tourist trail to meet the people in destinations around the world.

Going beyond the superficial, she will explore the different cultures and traditions to form a picture of real life in some of the world’s most exciting travel destinations.


Cheryl's road trip include:

Continent 1: November 22 – December 11

in South Africa Cheryl will go wild, but also visit Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban/KwaZulu Natal


Continent 2: December 12 to January 3

in Asia Cheryl will go 'ding dong mac mac' and will include cities like Bangkok, but will as well explore Cambodia, and Malaysia.


Continent 3:  January 01 to February 05

The adventurous continent of Australia and she will travel the long way down from Cairns to Sydney. Highlights will be the Whitsunday Islands, the Gold Coast and the Great Barrier Reef.


Continent 4:  February 06 to February 28

North America with its beautiful Caribbean islands like the Bahamas and Jamaica are waiting for Cheryl and who knows, maybe she will even head over to Miami too. New Orleans is definitely on the list, where she will experience Mardi Gras.



Travel bloggers... Get involved! Is your destination listed? Let us know and let's have some fun together! Be our guide, share some insider tips with us and get part of 4xFour!


Turn on your TV!

We will produce a six-part television series to be aired in 2013 by an international television network. The show will broadcast to 200 million homes around the world including the US, Canada, South Africa, China and India on the Venture Channel!


Sponsors... Got interested?

We provide fab exposure and will reach millions online as well offline. Cheryl will produce high quality videos and share her experiences in articles via the luxury online travel and lifestyle magazine LiveShareTravel and THE Social Online Traveler Guidebook Traveldudes! Expect a ROI of 20 - 40 and regular exposure to millions of travelers via social media, websites, but as well in print and broadcast media.
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