4 Reasons for You Not to Travel!

4 Reasons for You Not to Travel!

We are 7 months on the road, over 200 days, and that lead us to think on how it is difficult to leave home, the warmth of our home and start travelling.

We thought about writing some quick points to leave your relaxed on accepting the world how it is and so you don’t choose to leave your home so soon.

Before reading, open your e-mail and start writing an e-mail to your boss, you'll end up quitting. Never mind the joke, we only want you to reflect about the endless possibilities you’ll have once you get to know yourself, and how travelling helps with that.


1. You’ll see the world in a different way.

The traveller exposes himself to circumstances which make him accept situations he is not used to, he is obliged to leave his comfort zone and that makes him a more flexible and adaptable person. He’ll learn to adapt to extremes and take decisions under pressure. Learn these things are definitely not beneficial to anyone! Doesn’t matter your age, gender, if your travelling by yourself or with your family. If you have a little or a lot of money, to travel doesn’t mean you have to cross an ocean or spend too much money! Think about it.


2. You are in serious risk of getting to know new friends.

No one likes to meet new people, right?! Meet people who speak different languages and who make an effort to understand and be understood is incredible. These situations can be the most funniest you’ll live - seeing a chinese and a french trying to communicate with each other, either speaking any english, was inspiring. Strangers may want to help you, in the beginning you may get wary, but you’ll learn and discover that there are good people around the world. All you need to have is a open heart.


3. You’ll start to value what is really important.

A survey with people on their deathbed indicated that the one thing most regretted is that they never lived their life as they wanted, didn’t do what satisfied themselves. When you travel, you’ll start to value family and friends and not your job or criticism from people who just do not matter. A comfortable bed? Depending on how your trip goes a mattress in a sheltered place will be the best room you’ve ever slept. Your wardrobe can be smaller and a pair of shoes and slippers is enough to carry around.


4. You risk never going back.

Liking what is new and not always being in a routine is delightful! You will learn that family and friends are extremely important, mas apart for how much you miss them there’s a world waiting for you, a world that will give you all the tools you need to grow and succeed and be whomever you want to be. Independent of what you search for. Yes it is tough, but more than satisfactory! The reward will be incredible, but you’ll have to leave somethings behind and take the first step.


As you can notice there are not many benefits for who chooses this path: learn languages, meet people and new cultures, accept the world and primarily learn about yourself and your limits.

Expand horizons and even learn a new profession.

For the first time in your life you’ll be able to say the following in a job interview (if you choose to return to this lifestyle) - with certainty and knowledge of the facts - that you know how to work in a group, with people from different backgrounds and that you work (well) under pressure. For that you will thank some distinct situations you overcame in Bolivia, Thailand and/or Zimbabwe. You won't just say it to be awarded the job. But most probably, after your away, you will not want to go back and work in under a conventional and restricted hierarchy and will look for new paths.