2 Room Luxury Apartment at Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin, Germany

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2 Room Luxury Apartment at Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin, Germany

Berlin is huge and there are really a lot of accommodations to choose from.

There aren't many huge cities with so many beds like Berlin, which makes it great for the traveler, as the prices are lower than elsewhere.

So you get a lot for your money and you can expect more value as well.


We love staying in apartments when traveling. You feel a bit like at home. You have to do the dishes... hahaha... Forget that one! We have a dish washer at home and also in most apartments we are staying in!

So the only thing I might miss, is a ready made breakfast when I wake up. That's one of the things I love in hotels or b&b's... The fab breakfast. But I don't have a problem to quickly make my own either, as long the apartment got all the stuff you need.

Our apartment in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin had all what we needed, more or less.


The highlight of the apartment is its location at Prenzlauer Berg. If you are not familiar with Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg is in the East of Berlin and you will find many cafes and small boutiques in that area. It's not really a district to go to, to visit the well known sites, but a district where you live.

You will head there to feel the atmosphere of Berlin. You will sit in a cafe and watch the people. Or you might want to visit the Prater, which is one of the oldest beer gardens of Berlin.

Or wander through the streets and explore the small boutiques with all the unique clothes, which you won't find elsewhere.

From the apartment it's just a 10 minute walk to the next underground station, which would be Ebersfelderplatz, Bernauer Str. or Senefelder Str.. From one of these, you pretty much get everywhere in Berlin. But there is also a bus stop right down the street.

You can also easily reach by foot the Hackeschen Markt and the Museums Insel (UNESCO World Heritage) or Kastanien Allee, where you'll find many shops and cafes.


I love floor heating!

The Roomorama apartment is modern and on a high standard. You have a floor heating and an air con, which you can adjust separately for each room. The apartment has a big living room and a bedroom, which is separated by a huge sliding panel. Also the windows and the big balcony have sliding panels. The windows are huge and face South/West, so that a lot of natural light comes into the apartment. It's all very good isolated, so that you don't hear any noise from outside.

The bathroom is well equipped and even got a "jungle" shower, an extra bath tub and a towel heater. Isn't it nice to dry yourself up with a warm towel?


Free WiFi!

That is important and a must have for most travelers nowadays.

The living room is spacious and includes the kitchen at one side. You'll find a big flatscreen TV with many national and international channels. There is also a hi-fi system, but that one only allows Apple products. That's actually something I would have changed.

Can you, as an apartment owner, really expect that your guests have an Apple device?

There wasn't even a chance to listen to the radio, unless you found a radio channel on the TV. But the TV wasn't connected to the hi-fi system and we all know the better sound when listening to music through good speakers. For me that is a no-go, as I love to listen to music. We had a device which fitted, but you shouldn't demand of your guests to be equipped with a company's product, which politics is so un-social and self orientated. You should give this as an extra option, but not as a demand.

But nevertheless, the sound was good and the walls seemed to be good isolated. We didn't hear any neighbours and I guess they haven't heard us either.


Right opposite of the apartment you will find a very well equipped supermarket and that one comes handy. Isn't it good to quickly walk across the street just to get a cheap drink? Or you forgot something else and you don't have to ask yourself, where you might find it in a foreign city?

We needed the supermarket also right away and for something I actually expected to find in the apartment. There was no sugar or washing up liquid. A second or third towel to dry things up quickly with your hands would have been handy as well. The kitchen had quality knifes etc. but not in masses that you would just add them to the dishwasher and use the next one. These small things make the difference and is something you can expect when choosing a more luxurious apartment. You don't really want to arrive and go straight away shopping when staying in a city for a few nights.

Sure, you won't find a full fridge, but some sugar for your first welcome coffee, would have been nice. But never mind, the supermarket was straight across the street.


Altogether I would recommend to stay in this apartment.

It was easy to find a parking spot in front of the house. For your info, you shouldn't mind to get a parking ticket. Just get a fine, pay around € 5,- and leave the car there & use the public transport instead. It's the easiest & cheapest way. ;-)

Prenzlauer Berg is really nice and the apartment had a very good standard.


Thanks Roomorama for making this stay possible. All views are our own!