10 Reasons to Visit Colombia for a Safe, Cheap and Fun-Filled Holiday

10 Reasons to Visit Colombia for a Safe, Cheap and Fun-Filled Holiday

Columbia has ample reasons to attract tourists towards it like never before.

It is quite affordable and has attractive features to attract Americans as it is the closest American gateway in the south.

It has been on the hit list of travelers in the past few years and let me compile the best ten reasons, why anybody should visit Colombia


10 Reasons to Visit Colombia:


Medellin in Bogota has the near perfect climate and a cosmopolitan atmosphere with a vibrant night market.

The city has become quite accessible by travelers after the death of the drug lord in the year 1993.  The flower festival here is quite famous as well.



This is the best preserved and presented colonial city in entire South America. The narrow cobbled streets of the old town have massive balconies that are covered with rich bougainvillea plantation gives a feeling of a fairy tale, flourishing Bogota tourism. 


Food and Drink:

There is not much culinary reputation here, and most of the cuisines here, to my surprise were un-spiced and unseasoned.

They were prepared simple with not much garnishing. But still there are few mouth-watering recipes here and fresh fish and fruits along the coast. Coffee here is un-comparable. 



The reputation of Columbia is well preserved till today and the military here is the best.

The dangerous areas in Columbia are now kept in the far eastern side, well off from tourists. 


Adventure and Sports:

Bogotá tourist information should cover this point and San Gil is the sports capital here.

There are cheap thrills here such as white water rafting, caving, horse riding etc.



The picturesque town of Barichara has beautiful pueblos, cobblestone streets acquainted with cafes and churches making a wonderful trip, for those who refrain from adventures and thrills.


Fishing Villages:

The fishing village of Taganga is the best bargain destination that offers four day water courses for a very comfortable price.

The Tayrona national park and the Perdia are easy to reach from here and what Bogotá travel guides would guide their crew on.


National Park:

This is located on a small stretch of the Caribbean coastline and is 93 square mile park with abundant attractions for nature lovers and hikers.

Its white sand beaches are best in Colombia. The park is also the home for many endangered species and birds. 


Road Trips:

Bogotá has about 122 km of roads for an excellent road ride by car and for cyclists to enjoy. The Plaza de Bolivar is the Gold museum of world heritage and has the best artefacts prepared by eminent artists.


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