Scotland, UK is a breathtakingly beautiful country that can make you feel like you've taken a step back in time with the vastness of its untouched lands and the old style buildings you’ll see in the tow
Although many visitors skip Greenwich as they feel it is too far from central London, this borough is worth a visit.
Beaumaris Castle, which is in Beaumaris on the Isle of Anglesey, is interesting because of its history and design. We have an English King, Edward I, to thank for this little beauty who, in a bid to dominate the Welsh, built a few castles in Wales during his reign.  
Newark, a beautiful market town in the county of Nottinghamshire is a perfect place for a great day out. I took this picture of the Castle which dominates the town on my recent visit. 
24 Hours in Belfast: First Hand Sights
Join me, as I venture to Belfast to Challenge myself. Challenge myself?

Blewcoat School is a "secret" place that is not known to many.

Today it is a small boutique that goes in line with the recent trend and is definitely a place worth visiting.

Fishing in the UK includes the option for sport fishing and angling. Sport fishing is most suitable for those with recreational kayaks as one can fish and also do other activities. 

United Kingdom

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