Sri Lanka is one of the most incredible travel destinations with some of the most amazing and unique landscapes out there.
Counted among the most visited countries in the world, India, which is blessed with a great number of points of interest, is also home to amazing wildlife.
Elephant Festival in Jaipur is held every year, usually before Holi Festival in Jaipur. Some people say that its "pre Holi festival".
Baby elephant playing on a beach of Phuket.
Visiting Phang Nga Elephant Camp with Children
This is the full video of our trip to the Phang Nga Elephant Camp in
Sri Lanka: First Safari
Booker goes on his first safari trip at the Yala National Park.   

During the summer of 2009, a year after graduating university and still none-the-wiser as to what I ‘wanted to do’ in life, I arrived at Nairobi airport ready, or at least telling myself I was ready, to face five months of travelling alone;

First stop Africa.

A two week independent trip travelling by car from Port Alfred to Hermanus and back again in March.

Travelling from Port Alfred to Hermanus, stopping along the way.


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