An autumn road trip will allow you the opportunity to go on a bit of “leaf peeping“- discovering the beautiful scenery these states have to offer.
Frost covered grass glistened with morning dew as the sun peaked over the horizon offering first warmth to the crisp, autumn air. Runners outfitted in jackets and hats passed by the Keene, New Hampshire hotel restaurant, their breath forming puffy white steam clouds against the cobalt sky.
Northern New Hampshire is really a remote place. It's not touristy at all. All the locals are visiting here to fishing, canoeing, cayaking, and enjoying the nature. Pittsburg is a small town but the nature around here is wonderful. 
Boston Unplugged #1: Arrival
In this episode, David takes an early morning flight from Miami to the historic city of

It's been two years since me and my family first visited Rhode Island. We were actually there only for one Sunday, as part of our meetup with a few of our relatives from California. They were on a multi-state east coast vacation.

New England

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