Mozambique is Southern Africa’s answer to tropical paradise: with gorgeous beaches, turquoise sea, beautiful islands and a palm-fringed coastline, it’s the stuff travel brochures are made of.
Most people know about Scottish smoked salmon, but Scotland’s best-kept culinary secret is another kind smoked fish:  The Arbroath Smokie  
Beautiful underwater colours by the fish and coral in the Great Barrier Reef outside of Cairns, Australia. From a scuba trip in March.
We were out with fishers, who got 6 kilometers line of mussels.
San Francisco: At The Wharf
Booker visits Fisherman's Wharf along the San Francisco waterfront.

Last July, I went to Karimun Jawa Island with several friends. Karimun Jawa island is a small island in north Java.

This island is still isolated and many Indonesians themselves do not know much about this recreational spot. 


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