“If you have an adventurous soul but your mind wants to relax amidst calm and serene nature, Goa is the place to go”. Open your wings, fly in the air, swim like a fish, race in water and party in luxurious cruises and make unforgettable memories while your stay in Goa.
The small island of Gozo, Malta on the Mediterranean Sea has long been considered one of the best diving locations in Europe – and with good reason. 
Jutting out from the most tip of Sinai triangle, Ras Mohammed in Egypt commands a panoramic vista of
Finding NEMO in Davao, Philippines
While on a trip to the Philippines, I met up with Jina to go SCUBA diving at Davao's famous Pearl
Explore Sunken Ships in Coron, Philippines
In September 1944, Task Force 38 unleashed the furry of its Helldiver bombers in Coron Bay.

I’d heard stories. I’d been beaten half to death with hyperbole about this place since I first mentioned that I was going to Indonesia's remote jewel - Raja Ampat.

Last July, I went to Karimun Jawa Island with several friends. Karimun Jawa island is a small island in north Java.

This island is still isolated and many Indonesians themselves do not know much about this recreational spot. 

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