Sadly corruption plagues, and is rampant in many countries in Central and South America. If you are going to drive in these countries (as a local or foreigner) you will almost certainly be a quested for a brib
Flores - A small, beautiful, quaint island in the middle of Lake Peten Itza, in Peten, Guatemala, full of amazing food and good vibes. The lake is clean and sparkling too!
Tikal was the most unreal sight to see! We went to Guatemala in June of 2010 so it was rather slow as it is the off-season and that I do highly, highly recommend!!
A Brit and a Broad travel Guatemala!
Guatemala is a bit of a favourite amongst backpackers with nothing but good times to be had, as M

Paradise is snow. It is sun. It is cloud forests.
It is sea. It is beach. It is ancient. It is modern.

Above all else, it is relative.  And my intent is to define it.


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