Ireland, offers so many places and things to do as a tourist.  From exploring its diverse culture, visiting the countless museums and places with ancient history to enjoying the beauty of picturesque landscapes, you will be spoilt for choices.  
Dublin is city of diversity and has a lot on offer to its visitors, irrespective of ages.
The Monument of Light - aka the Spire of Dublin - on a beautiful, sunny, 60 degree day in June. Lovely.  
The Beauty of Ireland by Drone
In middle of the year we (Caro & Martin) made a Honeymoon Road Trip through Ireland and North
What To Expect - A Dublin Ireland Teaser
Bryan and Laura DeLuca start their 3-month journey across Europe in Dublin, Ireland.

Dublin is really impressive: the history, the old times that have survived here, and the number of drunks that are growing here. It is these merry red-haired revelers that give Dublin its friendly but slightly funny atmosphere and the charm of such a "provincial capital". 


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