Spain is wonderful. We have it all: an unequaled gastronomy, an amazing landscape contrast, and a huge historical legacy.
This little "guiri" or annoying--blonde-English-tourist as the translation permits, moved his big bare bones to Granada, Spain, to learn Spanish so he knows what he's talking about.
View of Tarifa, Spain - Spain's southernmost town. Wind turbines can be seen in the background - there are wind turbine farms just north of Tarifa. Tarifa is also the most southern point in Europe.
This photo is from a flamenco show that I attended in Seville, Spain. Although there are so many places that have flamenco in Seville, this place was incredible. It was a very intimate bar/club with one flamenco dancer, one singer and one guitarist.
Spain's incredible dancing horses - balletic beauties
There’s a swish of white as a horse and it’s smartly suited rider form a determined arc to the ri

Harry turned off the engine, thumped the steering wheel and shouted,

“You wanted to come here. You get us out of it!”


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