What stops people from travelling?  Don’t worry, I’ve heard all the excuses: too many responsibilities, too much work, not enough money, fear of flying, etc.  
Whether you’re a student on a budget, a family with children, or a travel aficionado, spending a summer abroad in Europe can easily create a large dent in your finances.
How to Buy a Train Ticket in Japan
Japan's rail system is the best in the world, but many people feel daunted by the thought of usin

There are few better ways to start your week after a tiring weekend when, upon arriving at school, your teacher tells you, with all the unadulterated joy of a five-year-old opening their first present on Christmas morning: it’s time to go surfing!

Having had the humbling experience of meeting people from a wide range of cultures throughout the world, it has occurred many times along the trail that belief drives many people’s actions.  

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