You and your buddies are tired of being trapped inside, and you are even more tired of the endless hours of studying. Then, you realize that Spring Break is just around the corner. Use these ideas to decide where you will go this Spring Break.  
Washington DC is the capital city of USA located on the Potomac river. This city is bordered by Maryland and Virginia states of USA.
Four Seasons Journey Throughout the State of Wisconsin
Here is my photographic journey throughout the
Come Walk With Us - Japan to California
This video is a hyper-lapse (moving time-lapse) with over 25,000 photos that tak

Not that one really needs a reason to plan a trip to Las Vegas, but for people who think that it is all about casinos - they are definitely going to be in for a surprise.

There is so much to do in Vegas and the glamour and glitz is just a part of the entire package.



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