The Vienna State Opera (Staatsoper) has been at the centre of musical life in Vienna for over a century.
Christmas in Rome is a very special season. We've list a few fantastic ideas of what to do for those who will be in Rome for Christmas.  
This is the Queen's Theatre stage door in London. The front of the theatre is on the famous Shaftesbury Avenue which runs between Holborn and Piccadilly Circus but the stage door opens out in infamous Soho.
The Hvar’s Theater, a gem of cultural and historical heritage as well as the first public theater in Europe. Is now celebrating its 400th birthday this year.

A few weeks ago, while house-sitting out in a small town in the Buckinghamshire region of England, I decided to cross a long-awaited item off of my bucket list and visit Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of Shakespeare.

I sat… wide-eyed, mouth dropped, as I watched them gracefully do the impossible, their bodies fitting together like puzzle pieces.

They glided through the air with an elegance and movement that I’d never experienced before.


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