What is an Error Fare An Error Fare is when an airline or travel agency booking system offers lower fares than usual due to some sort of system glitch. They occasionally leave off certain taxes, fees or surcharges which can dramatically reduce a ticket price. 
Planning a trip to Portugal?    Read about my short break to discover things to do in the Algarve and Lisbon.   I try to get away at least once every couple of months. If I don’t do that I’ll go insane. No really, I’ll literally go mad.
Quinta da Regaleira is one of the magnificent buildings that tower above the historic centre of Sintra, about 30 minutes from Lisbon.
On Portugal’s Estoril Coast lies the Boca Do Inferno: “Mouth of Hell” Only a short walk from the picturesque marina village of Cascais the rocky chasm cuts deep into the seaside cliffs.

Seldom do I travel anywhere in Europe and not hear an English voice, so as I sat, on Tuesday night, in a Lisbon bar, I was transfixed by the scene around me.

I can't state it has been love at first sight! Everything started by change as any great love!!!

Earlier in 2010 I was passed a flier depicting some cities in Portugal, their attractions and beauties. I don't know why, but instead of throwing it away I put it a drawer of my desk.


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