Many amazing sites are dotted along the riverside in the Thai capital of Bangkok. 
  Location: Maranhão, Northeast Brazil.
All of my photographs have a story behind them and an interesting situation which I can instantly recall whenever I see them. I think this is one of the most important things about shooting while travelling.
A sunrise from the steps of Yeatman's Cove Park along the Ohio River in the heart of Cincinnati. Kentucky sits opposite the river on this summer morning. Just part of along stretch of parks to hangout at along the Cincinnati riverfront.  
SUP'ing, Golfing & High Ropes in Ljubljana, Kamnik, Slovenia
This vlog is part of a vlog series exploring activites, landscape and the cultural and cu
 Pacto, A Quieter Alternative to Mindo, Ecuador?
In this clip I show you some footage from Pacto, a neat little town between Quito and Mindo.

Seriously, I was telling my friends I would be off to Brazil instead of traveling to Peru.

Call me a world traveler!

How could that happen?



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