It seemed all too predictable as I geared up for my travels to the Caribbean. Vibrant turquoise water to swim in, white sandy beaches to stroll along and fruity cocktails to accompany my adventure was what initially came to mind.
Budapest is a city with amazing architecture and history, but it is also the perfect location for adrenaline junkies, thrill seekers and those looking for novelty experiences.
Kicker Rock in the Galapagos Islands. Home to lots of sharks!   Extra info from Wikipedia:
It's a great city for enjoying the on the Red Sea at night time. Also relaxation and diving tours are part of Sharm El Sheikh's life.  
Kangaroo Island, Australia: Celebrity Chef Matt Moran Dives in Sharky Waters
Come watch Australia's celebrity chef Matt Moran join Colin on his adventures ar
Lovely Days in Santorini
Finally I went diving again. This time on Santorini Island in Greece!

I’d heard stories. I’d been beaten half to death with hyperbole about this place since I first mentioned that I was going to Indonesia's remote jewel - Raja Ampat.

Last July, I went to Karimun Jawa Island with several friends. Karimun Jawa island is a small island in north Java.

This island is still isolated and many Indonesians themselves do not know much about this recreational spot. 


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