Watch out, this post contains spoilers.
When you think of Ireland, the things that come to mind are Guinness, sheep, green hills and Irish dancing. But the small island certainly has a lot more to offer than just Guinness and sheep.
Where Theon Greyjoy was baptized
Remember when Theon Greyjoy made is (not so) triumphant return to Pyke in the Iron Islands in Game of Thrones? He sailed up with his men and walked up the very steps pictured here in Ballintoy Harbour, an incredibly picturesque filming location along the coast in Northern Ireland.
The Gorgeous old town walls of Dubrovnik, Croatia. This is where they filmed some of the scenes for the King's Landing in the Game of Thrones.  
The Beauty of Ireland by Drone
In middle of the year we (Caro & Martin) made a Honeymoon Road Trip through Ireland and North
A Drone Over Winterfell & Jon Snow Fights Back!
On our Honeymoon we traveled for 3 weeks through Ireland by campervan. In

Game of Thrones

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