Britain. Home of fish and chips, Afternoon Tea, Big Ben, The Royal Family and Red telephone boxes. A quintessential visit includes the delights of London, Edinburgh and perhaps a bit of countryside for good measure of course.
Transylvania, the land beyond forest and mountains.   What is so special about this place? What makes it so intriguing? Why is so mysterious?  
As a city, Casablanca is full of extremes. In one part of town, there is valet parking for Starbucks, while two streets over, there is an"urban villiage" where people live as if they were still in the countryside.
If you're going to Oxford in England, you MUST go to the Blenheim Palace - about a 15 minute bus trip from the centre of
Kyushu Elements
As the third-largest of the four main islands of
Exploring Cambodia's Countryside by Bicycle
When you visit a country where life is so different than from where you come from and you’re curi

Last summer I decided I really wanted to get away and relax.  

Usually I try to find cheap flights and flee the UK for as long as I can and as cheap as I can. But I decided this time to really take the time to get to know a place.


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