If you have a heavy conscience when it comes to your environmental footprint then Barcelona is the city for you.
The Greek peninsula of Pilion in Autumn is a pleasant place if you want to avoid the crowds of tourists.  
Diving into plunge pools at Sanje, Udzungwa, Tanzania
Public Park with trees and art .The City Park is one of the most beautiful parks in the world! It's nearly as big as Central Park in New York City. This is near the street, and the park is huge. It's a great place for dog walking.
Hiking The Path of Gods Italy from Bologna to Florence
Did you know there are 130km of ancient pathways that connect the city of Bologna with Florence,
A Day Trip to Bruges, Belgium
Bruges feels like a

As a child I dreamt of being a gypsy and travelling the world in a caravan.

I first arrived at the Southern Oregon border after camping the previous night in the lawn of a spanish-speaking church in Smith river, California, and walking about 12 miles to Brookings, Oregon.


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