Girona happens to be an impressively well-located region where white mountain peaks of the Pyrenees get to meet with the crunchy beaches of the Costa Brava in a delightful mix of rural landscape, traditions, language and cultur
As part of an awesome winter week in Pyrenees, I was able to enjoy several ski spots, but most of all and in the very first place: I learned how to ski! And Girona was the lucky destination who saw me get up there for the first time. 
The colors of Catalonia are bright and vibrant reds and yellows, and during the Springtime when the lush valleys are full of red poppies, it's no surprise why! During my visit we spent an afternoon visiting the local vineyards and farms near Tremp, Catalonia.
This picture was taken during a flight from Vienna to Barcelona in September 2010. Very movie-like fog all over which had me amazed at the very moment... and still today!


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