From increasing your life expectancy to offering amazing views, here are some amazing places where you will probably want to visit to increase your well-being.
Whether you’re planning to travel around Central America for a week, a month or like us nearly a year, you’ll slowly find out that along the way there are a lot of places you’ll end up calling paradise.
Small waterfall in the Parque Nacional Volcan Baru in Panama.
Tito, the crocodile at Coiba National Park in Panama.
Volunteering in Boquete - Panama - Fooling Around and Football
In this episode, I'm in Boquete, fooling around at "work" and watching Champions league finale.

We are wanting to share our story of the nightmare we had shipping our beloved camper van across the Darian Gap...

Not to dishearten you, put you off or make you never want to have this experience...

Hi Everyone,

When I tell people we are heading south during the winter, most people seem to assume something like Mexico.

Well, we are going to Panama just for that reason!


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