Canada is a wonderful travel destination. It is the second largest country according to land mass in the world and has a lot to offer for the nature lover.
Stanley Park is one of the world’s best urban parks located a stones throw from downtown Vancouver.   Here are YourTrip's six favourite stops along the seawall and why you should hop off the bike for a few minutes and take them in:
Once cruise ship season starts in Vancouver, there's at least one new ship docking every day of the week.  
You'll find Point Atkinson Lighthouse in Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver. There are lots of hiking trails in the park with enormous douglas fir trees, lovely rocks for louging and this colourful lighthouse to visit.
Sights of Vancouver - Miles Off Track - Episode 2
Episode 2 of Miles Off Track shot in Vancouver, BC. Producer : Sebastien Dryland

Living in France as a Canadian expat from Vancouver, we get asked, “What should we see on our trip to the West Coast of Canada?”


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