Imagine this, your peering out over a gorgeous Greek beach from your own balcony. Next to you is a very cute border collie patiently waiting for breakfast.
For admirers of everything bubbly taking Champagne tours in France are never enough. The origination of French sparkling wines has such a great amount to offer that a solitary visit can't in any way, shape, or form get the job done to cover the majority of its superb sights.  
The nightlife of this place is a mix of traditional cafes, nightclubs and bars. Bar hopping is a good place to start, dancing like Salsa is also in order. Clubs like Sans Sanz has mostly the cosmopolitan crowd that hits the weekend.
The Châtelet at the castle in Vitré The picturesque town of Vitré in Brittany has been described by many as a town that has kept its Medieval appearance better than other towns from this period in France. 
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Are you the one who is just petrified with the mere sight of meat and sausages?

Well, we totally understand the struggles pure vegetarians must be going through, while traveling all over.

Paris, the capital of France is often known as the city of love, filled with beautiful architecture, interesting museums and cozy cafes. 


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