Now this definitely isn't on everyone's to do list. But when the opportunity presented itself to me, I could not resist.
I travel a lot alone. In fact, besides what many skeptical may think, I enjoy solo traveling. But it doesn’t matter how great some of my experiences are, the big question everybody asks me is “don’t you get bored?”
Marina Bay Sands has become such an iconic structure in the Singapore skyline and the infinity pool there is awesome beyond words! The larger-than-life pool towers 57 floors above ground and you can be sure to get breathtaking views over Singapore.
Diving into plunge pools at Sanje, Udzungwa, Tanzania
How to Build an Igloo
If you've been enjoying your skiing in Zugspitz Arena and fancy doing something a little wild and
Vacation Couple visits Secrets Aura Cozumel
We were lucky enough to visit this wonderful resort in Cozumel and had a blast!

Paris, the capital of France is often known as the city of love, filled with beautiful architecture, interesting museums and cozy cafes. 

Brisbane is the capital of Queensland State and the third largest city in Australia.


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