When someone mentions Rimini, it's usually associated quickly with the vision of jam-packed beaches, hedonistic nightclubs and party place mostly.
Winter means cold, ice, and snow. And while it really doesn't seem like the ideal time to visit a sea town, there is still a lot to enjoy during the off-season.  During the summer months, the coastal towns of Romagna (from Cattolica to Ravenna) are crowded with thousands of people.
This is a window, which I found in Santarcangelo and it's a hidden gem! OK, not the window is a hidden gem, but properly Santarcangelo! That's at least my guess that not too many travelers know about it.
Is that the view you expect to find when visiting Italy? Then visit Verucchio!
How Would You Spend One Week in Italy?
If You Have One Week in Italy, What Would You Do? We enjoyed it to the fullest...
Introducing... Emilia Romagna and Blog Ville
Where is Emilia Romagna and what is #BlogVille?

This is the longest time I've stayed abroad in one specific destination for a looooong time!

And I'm looking forward to it!


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