Ladakh is one of the most beautiful places in India, therefore, most people consider it to be very expensive.
Everyone knows one of the greatest aspects of travel is the food. Experimenting with different dishes specific to a local culture can give you a much more authentic experience than dining out at an over priced, tourist attracting, restaurant. 
Budget Travel Tip for Tokyo: The Tokyo Furii Kippu
Tokyo has a reputation for being an expensive city.
Hotel des Arts: Cheapest Hotel in Paris with Zero Amenities
Brian Cox from the Travel Vlogger takes you to the cheapest hotel room in the Paris city center.

A trip to the Province of Negros Occidental wouldn't be complete without visiting the long-famous Mambukal Mountain Resort.

Since I was a kid, Mambukal (Mambucal) has been first on the list for the vacation getaway place for the family.

From the camper van heaven of the Great Ocean Road to the tenting paradise of the Whitsunday Islands


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